The End of the Two Party System

An Aspiring Native's Opinion on the Election

I get asked all the time what I think about the election. Up until now I’ve remained silent on the internet – but now you’re going to get my two cents. We are approaching the end of the two-party system.

On the one hand, we have the most distrusted candidate in history. On the other, we have the most disliked candidate in history. And on the sidelines libertarianism is beginning to become a household word. Republicans are despairing, Democrats are despairing, and Libertarians are wondering what the heck is happening to their high-minded purity.

My wife asked me this morning what my “ideal outcome” is in this election. In my opinion, there isn’t one. It isn’t easy to watch the political process as we know it crumble. I spent four years of my life studying it. Many others have spent their entire lives studying it. Now I am convinced that, whatever the outcome, both parties are condemned to an eventual death. What will take their place? Who knows? Socialist, conservative, moderate, libertarian, and green parties, to name a few.

The Republicans and the Democrats are literally spoon-feeding their voters crap. They know they’re doing it. We know they’re doing it. And we’re eating it anyway. How long are we going to just roll over and take it? Democrats, how long are you going to let the establishment decide who they want as their candidate months before the primary? Republicans, how long are you going to let your party be turned into a circus? Americans, how long are you going to choose between “the lesser of two evils?” Haven’t we had enough?

In the end, there cannot be a perfect candidate. We’re all human, and we all believe in drastically different things. But we’ve royally screwed up, and it’s about time we own that, and change that.

Who am I voting for this election? None of the above. I’m not choosing the lesser of two evils anymore. And while I’m at it, I’m taking Gary’s advice. I’ll be voting my conscience. So I’m not voting for him either. I will be voting, though. What good will that do, you ask?

What if Americans all voted their conscience instead of picking “the lesser of two evils?” Last time I checked, there are more people in America than Trump or Hillary.

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