3 Tools to Improve Your To-Do List

Improve your to-do list

Using flagged emails in Outlook as your to-do list? Want to improve your to-do list by breaking away from using a stack of legal pads and sticky notes? *cough* Not that I’ve ever used those methods and failed miserably to get tasks done on time. Ready to re-haul your to-do lists, or want a little boost in […]

the world is flat

The World is Flat (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005)

Why is it that bloggers can make $10 million in a year? Literally all they do is reorder 0s and 1s all day. Why is it that someone in China or India can run a drive-through in Colorado? How did outsourcing come to exist? Does it make American companies profit more? The World is Flat answers all these questions and more.

As people living in 2016, we need to know that the playing field is flat. Globally. Meaning that you can start a blog, outsource its marketing, sell exotic flowers to people in Nebraska, all without leaving your home. Understanding the playing field – understanding you have just as much voice power as major companies – can enable you to be outrageously successful. So…why are you working your normal, mundane, everyday job? Is it because you feel as if it’s your only choice? Maybe it’s not. Read The World is Flat and let me know what you think.

Is College Worth It?

What would YOU do with $37,000?

is college worth it

If you’re asking Google the question “Is college worth it?” I’m willing to bet you already have an idea what the answer is. Let’s think about this together over just one stat about college. The average class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt. For that amount of money, you could buy a 2016 V-8 Camaro […]

How To Life for Dummies

8 Important Skills for Everyday Life

how to life

In one year, I’ve gone from unmarried, unemployed, and living in a small town, to being a married lady with an administrative job in Washington, DC. I have a lot more responsibility now! Here are 8 skills that I’ve learned are important for everyone – my personal How To Life 101. Computer literacy Almost any company requires basic […]

3 Steps to Rethinking Your Goals

rethinking your goals

As a millennial working at a nonprofit here in DC, I feel like there are just a few big changes that I need to make to take me from being an “okay employee” to “employee of the month.” And that makes me wonder – how long do want to be employee of the month here? Should […]