3 Tools to Improve Your To-Do List

Improve your to-do list

Using flagged emails in Outlook as your to-do list? Want to improve your to-do list by breaking away from using a stack of legal pads and sticky notes? *cough* Not that I’ve ever used those methods and failed miserably to get tasks done on time. Ready to re-haul your to-do lists, or want a little boost in […]

How To Life for Dummies

8 Important Skills for Everyday Life

how to life

In one year, I’ve gone from unmarried, unemployed, and living in a small town, to being a married lady with an administrative job in Washington, DC. I have a lot more responsibility now! Here are 8 skills that I’ve learned are important for everyone – my personal How To Life 101. Computer literacy Almost any company requires basic […]

3 Steps to Rethinking Your Goals

rethinking your goals

As a millennial working at a nonprofit here in DC, I feel like there are just a few big changes that I need to make to take me from being an “okay employee” to “employee of the month.” And that makes me wonder – how long do want to be employee of the month here? Should […]

Free Parking Isn’t My Lot

And other grocery adventures of a DC wife

free parking

I gently whipped my bike onto the sidewalk, and coasted to a stop in front of the English basement that I call home. Once inside, I eased my backpack to the kitchen floor, and triumphantly produced a dozen eggs, not a single one broken. Check that one off the DC bucket list. There is a […]