Green Thumbs in DC

green thumbs in dc

One of the most difficult things about living in DC is the lack of green. Since I grew up in Tennessee at the base of the Smokies, that may be the biggest adjustment. I’ve heard it’s a problem for larger cities too – that’s why you find so many rooftop terraces in places like New York. […]

The People of DC

Finding more than scumbags

the people of dc

Recently I went to lunch with a friend from out of town and he asked me the question, “How can you live in a city that’s full of nothing but corrupt scumbags?” His question sums up why I write about the people of DC. It’s why this blog exists. Chad Hayward is the man who […]

The Power of Congressional Interns

A Monday Fun Fact

congressional interns

When I first started seeking work on the Hill I had little to no idea how much responsibility Congressional interns are given. Of course the role interns play varies from office to office. So does the reliability of the intern. But I guarantee you the job description you have in mind for your politician is […]

Is College Worth It?

What would YOU do with $37,000?

is college worth it

If you’re asking Google the question “Is college worth it?” I’m willing to bet you already have an idea what the answer is. Let’s think about this together over just one stat about college. The average class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt. For that amount of money, you could buy a 2016 V-8 Camaro […]

American Politics Today

What are politicians really like?

american politics today

Not long ago I asked you all what you’d like to know about DC. A large amount said millennials in politics (which I wrote about shortly thereafter), and another large amount asked what politicians are really like. Instead of just giving you my own opinion, I thought you’d like to hear from those who work […]

Anthology on H Street

Finding Home in DC

anthology on h street

If you’re looking for your Home in Washington DC, you need not look any further than Anthology on H Street. For many aspiring natives of DC, finding your Home with a capital “H” is one of the most difficult things you’ll face during your time here. Space is limited, good neighbors are hard to come […]

6 Tips for DC Pokemon GO

DC Pokemon Go

Hey all you Pokemon Goers! It’s only been a few days since the release of the Play Store’s #1 app, and already it’s closing in on more active users than Twitter. There are tons of people out in DC playing (including my wife and me), and in light of that, I thought I’d share with you […]

DC Go Go

A Monday Fun Fact

dc go go

Washington DC is the quintessential example of the American Melting Pot. Walk down the street and you’ll likely pass someone from Seattle, California, Tennessee, Maine and Florida in the space of five minutes. So when it comes to creating something original and purely native (music, art, traditions, etc.), many people would say DC is lacking. […]

Peregrine vs Ebenezers

A Look into DC's Percolating Powerhouses

peregrine vs ebenezers

If you saw my post on DC’s top 10 websites, you’ll notice that Caffeinate the Capital made it into our top 10. That’s because coffee is infused in the lifeblood of DC, and staying up to date on the latest shops and coffees is a must. The first shop I visited upon moving to the Capital was […]

Pokemon Go DC

Nostalgia Creating Community

Fair warning, this will be the nerdiest post you’ve read on this blog to date. However, I wanted you all to be the first to know about a community that is roaring to the frontlines (social media of all kinds) of our Capital, and that is Pokemon Go DC. What the heck is Pokemon Go, […]