Don’t Be Financially Responsible

don't be financially responsible

Yes, you heard me right. Don’t be financially responsible. I’ll tell you what I wished I would have done when I was 18 in light of our current culture. 1) Going to college, make sure and go to the most prestigious school you can get accepted into. That looks great on your resume. And don’t […]

Slow Improvements like Local Construction

local construction

Days rolling by like local construction The cranes try to scrape some more sky before quitting time Work on it, work at it, work, but it’s never done. Local construction is something the natives of DC are aware of nearly 24/7. Now, even the tourists are acutely aware of the never-ending process, as literally miles […]

Something Stinks in DC

The Blooming Corpse Flower

corpse flower

DC is buzzing today. The Corpse Flower at the Botanic Gardens began blooming this morning! Why should you care? Let me enlighten you. In natural circumstances, corpse flowers only bloom every ten years. That’s right – once per decade. The flower gets its name due to the putrid smell released upon blooming. Often compared to a […]

The Rules of Networking in DC

A Monday Fun Fact

the rules of networking in dc

On the heels of last week’s post “How I Got 60 Interviews in 3 Months,” I thought I should lay out the rules of networking in DC. Much of networking here is done “behind the scenes” from friend to friend, and is based highly on mutual connection. While it may feel more informal, there is a […]

The End of the Two Party System

An Aspiring Native's Opinion on the Election

end of the two party system

I get asked all the time what I think about the election. Up until now I’ve remained silent on the internet – but now you’re going to get my two cents. We are approaching the end of the two-party system. On the one hand, we have the most distrusted candidate in history. On the other, […]

Escape DC with a Trip to the Beach

escape dc

There is no doubt about it – I love living in Washington DC. I love the buildings, the people, the constant rush and thrill. It’s a wonderful place. But sometimes you just need a quick breather. That’s exactly what we took last Saturday. We decided to escape DC with a trip to the beach. As it […]

How I Got 60 Interviews in 3 Months

A DC Networking Story

network building

I moved from Tennessee to DC with no job prospects. According to my good friend Chad, “ya just have to move if you want a job up here.” So I did. Two months into the job hunt I was getting desperate. I didn’t know the first thing about network building. Through a friend of a friend […]

Flying to DC

A Monday Fun Fact

flying dc

Here’s another installment of “things you’ll never hear a true Washingtonian say.” Well, if the flight getting into Dulles is $10 cheaper, then let’s do that one. For some reason, everyone in DC hates traveling in/out of Dulles airport. I’m one of them. And you know, the funny thing is, I can’t quite put my finger […]

the world is flat

The World is Flat (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005)

Why is it that bloggers can make $10 million in a year? Literally all they do is reorder 0s and 1s all day. Why is it that someone in China or India can run a drive-through in Colorado? How did outsourcing come to exist? Does it make American companies profit more? The World is Flat answers all these questions and more.

As people living in 2016, we need to know that the playing field is flat. Globally. Meaning that you can start a blog, outsource its marketing, sell exotic flowers to people in Nebraska, all without leaving your home. Understanding the playing field – understanding you have just as much voice power as major companies – can enable you to be outrageously successful. So…why are you working your normal, mundane, everyday job? Is it because you feel as if it’s your only choice? Maybe it’s not. Read The World is Flat and let me know what you think.

DC is Flat – Friedman’s Perspective

DC is flat

On April 5, 2005, Thomas Friedman unequivocally proved the world is flat. Sorry, Pythagoras. In his book The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, Friedman advocates that technology, communication, and innovation have flattened the global-playing field. India can now partner with American businesses, a drive-through in Colorado can be operated in China, […]