3 Tools to Improve Your To-Do List

Using flagged emails in Outlook as your to-do list? Want to improve your to-do list by breaking away from using a stack of legal pads and sticky notes? *cough* Not that I’ve ever used those methods and failed miserably to get tasks done on time.

Ready to re-haul your to-do lists, or want a little boost in productivity? Start by checking out these 3 tools.

For the easily sidetracked

Your problem isn’t getting things done, it’s getting the RIGHT things done. Big projects easily get interrupted by little tasks, and you need constant motivation to prioritize. If that sounds like you, try Momentum! It’s a visually stunning Chrome extension that acts as your homepage. Pick your main focus for the day, add smaller to-do items in the lower right, store your most-used links in the upper left, and get pumped with the daily inspirational quotes at the bottom! Every time you open a new tab, Momentum is there to get you back on track.


For the visually inclined

You create lists upon lists of fabulous tasks, but get lost in the words when it comes to accomplishing them. You don’t want to put your to-do items in stuffy folders, you want to SEE how much you need to do today. If that’s you, try Trello. Originally for team collaboration, it also works wonders as a personal to-do list. You can add multiple boards, lists, cards, checklists, notes, due dates, labels and attachments. Although you can pack it with information, it provides visual structure to your day.


For the powerhouse planner

Maybe you have more than enough motivation, but most to-do lists just aren’t enough to keep track of your busy life. Look no further. Wunderlist has tons of great organizing features. Add due dates, reminders, attach files, add comments and notes, star items, or use hashtags to search for travel details about your upcoming #beachtrip.

Improve your to-do list


Have you found a different to-do system that works well for you? Comment below and let us know what app you use, what you like best about it, and your favorite accomplishment you’ve ever checked off your to-do list!

Happy to-doing!

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