Hey there, my name is Jon!

I have two passions: writing about what life is really like in Washington DC, and helping people develop themselves, network, and think through alternate education, or what I call AltEd.

With that in mind, my site is currently divided up into two portions – Discovering the District and AltEd – one for each of my passions.

Knowing what’s going on in DC is important. I’ve made a handy eBook Top 10 Sites on DC to help you stay informed.

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If you’re here to learn about alternate education (AltEd), you can take your first step by downloading my free eBook “5 Steps to Your Perfect Network.”

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If you already have your resource of choice, you can use the two grey boxes above (or in the menu bar in the upper right, if you’re on mobile) to navigate to either Discovering the District or AltEd. I’m happy you’re here!